Rocks, Minerals, and Crystals for Collectors, Healers, and Rock Fans Alike

We have a large variety of unique rock and mineral specimens at the store.

Whether you are a geologist, or you like to quietly meditate with stones, we have something that will interest you.

Our items come from all over the world! There are many selections from here in the United States. It is amazing to me what each state has to offer as far as geology goes. It is a constant learning process.

We also have many forms of crystals if you are interested in healing work. We have the only source for a rare form of Selenite in crystalline formation from the southwest. It was brought to us by a Hopi elder through a dream. These stones are amazing. 

Our selections are constantly changing. New items arrive often. I believe we are the only store in town who carries rocks and minerals so stop in soon and be amazed!