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Some Food for Thought

Let’s face it; there are a lot of ways your bird feeding dollars can be wasted.

Squirrels are sure to put a dent in your budget as they devour everything in sight, not to mention the starlings and grackles that can dominate your feeders to the exclusion of the birds you really want to attract.

Feeding a poor quality blend of bird seed from the grocery or hardware store can also be a waste of money as most of the undesirable filler seeds just end up rotting on the ground under the bird feeder.

We deal with these scenarios all the time and we have the right bird foods, feeders and expert advice that will help you get the biggest bang for your bird feeding buck!

Our quality bird foods target the specific birds you want to attract and discourage the birds you don’t. We have exclusionary feeders and accessories that can prevent those domineering squirrels, blackbirds, and other nuisance critters from eating you out of house and home.

Each of our blends is locally selected to meet the regional and seasonal needs of the birds. We do not include filler grains like oats, wheat, and milo that decrease the price per pound of a mix, because these filler seeds are less attractive (or not attractive) to birds. Because there is no wasted seed, our blends actually end up costing less to use while attracting more of the birds that you want to watch.

We will also share lots of expert advice about setting up and operating your bird feeding area in the most efficient and economical ways possible.

Give it some thought… if you are ready to take action, we are here to help you get more birds for your bird feeding buck!

Our birdseed is available in 5lb,10lb, and 20lb sizes.

Here are the types of birdseed you can find at our store:


Supreme Blend

Supreme Blend

So Good, We Named It Supreme

Our  Wild Birds Unlimited Supreme Blend features black oil sunflower, sunflower chips, safflower, and striped sunflower in a combination that helps attract a wide variety of birds, such as chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, and wrens.

Because there is no wasted seed, our blends actually end up costing less to use while attracting more of the birds that you want to watch.






Choice Blend

Choice Blend

Lots of Oil = Lots of Birds

Our Choice Blend is a fantastic combination of high-oil content seeds. The black oil sunflower, sunflower chips, shelled peanuts, safflower, and striped sunflower do a great job of attracting a variety of birds, including chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches and jays.

Try offering Choice Blend in a hopper feeder, a seed tube feeder, or our Dinner Bell™ feeder, and add loads of fun to your backyard bird watching experience.






Choice Plus Blend

choice plus blendChoice Plus blend is loaded with birds' favorite foods, including black oil sunflower, chopped tree nuts, sunflower chips, shelled peanuts, Bark Butter Bits®, safflower, striped sunflower, cherries and cranberries. It also contains calcium, an important ingredient that helps promote strong bones and eggs. This variety of ingredients will appeal to an incredibly wide variety of birds in your backyard.




Deluxe Blend LM

Deluxe Blend

Deluxe Blend: Birds Simply Love It

Our Deluxe Blend attracts a wide variety of birds. Perfect in our Classic feeder, it features oil sunflower, white millet, safflower, and striped sunflower to create a multi-purpose blend that feeds birds at the feeder and on the ground.








No Mess Blend DP

No-Mess Blend

No Mess, No Fuss

No shells. No mess. 100% edible. Our No-Mess Blend is great near flower beds, patios, and decks.

Our unique No-Mess Blend bird seed features seeds that have had their shells removed so only the meat of the seed is left. No hulls on the seeds makes for tidier feeding since there's no debris on the ground to clean up. Pound for pound, our No-Mess Blend bird seed offers the best value because you do not pay for uneaten seed waste. The birds eat everything.






No Mess Plus Blend

No-Mess Plus Blend

WBU No-Mess Plus Blend: Calcium for Nesting Birds, No Mess for You

Compared to other blends, our No-Mess Plus Blend provides a more balanced nutritional offering at feeding stations to meet the needs of nesting birds and increase the frequency of visits to feeders. Not only does it provide much needed supplemental energy for the high demands of the nesting season, but also the added calcium is the perfect ingredient to help strengthen eggshells for nesting birds and an essential building block as baby birds grow.

Calcium is the most challenging mineral for birds because when they need it in their diet they need large quantities and they need it right away. This is mainly during nesting time for egg-laying as well as chick development. The amount of calcium in their natural diet of seeds and insects is often inadequate and they must seek calcium-rich foods as a supplement. Our No-Mess Plus Blend offers them the much-needed calcium and it does it all with no shells so it is a wonderful no-mess option for you.

Watch for increased evening feeder activity by female birds as they consume concentrated calcium sources to form an egg overnight to lay the next day. Also, offering No-Mess Plus Blend makes it more likely that you will see fledgling birds at their feeders later this spring as they learn to feed themselves.



Wildlife Blend

 For feeding critters and birds. With a mix of whole corn kernels, oil sunflower, peanuts in the shell, shelled peanuts, and striped sunflower, our Wildlife Blend is bound to satisfy wildlife and birds alike. Offer this blend to attract a wide variety of birds and even critters, such as squirrels and chipmunks. wildlife blend






Sunflower Chips

Sunflower chips have a high oil content and provide birds with an extra kick of energy. They’re an ideal seed to offer in feeders near patios, sidewalks, or balconies. They’re also a good value because you’re not paying for the shells that are not consumed.sunflower chips








Premium Oil Sunflower

Oil Sunflower

Fill 'Er Up!

A favorite of almost all seed-eating birds, your feathered friends will happily fill up on our Premium Oil Sunflower birdseed. It's a great source of energy for the birds and 99% free of sticks, stems, or other foreign matter so your feeders won't clog with debris. Oil sunflower has a high calorie/ounce ratio due to its high fat and protein content and its relatively thin shell. Among seed ingredients, oil sunflower attracts the greatest variety of small and large seed-eating birds. Studies by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology have shown that most birds prefer oil sunflower seeds to both striped sunflower and white proso millet. Fill your feeders with this top-grade fuel, and watch the birds flock.





Roasted Peanuts Shelled


Attract Birds with Shelled Peanuts

Peanuts are the best single source of protein and fat for your birds and a great addition to the choices you offer in your yard.

Peanuts are a high-energy food, and a wide variety of birds really enjoy them. Birds such as woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, jays and more will frequent peanut feeders. Many of their visits will be to carry peanuts off and cache them for a later meal. We offer a variety of bird feeders that allow the birds to pull the peanuts from the feeder, and they can cling anywhere they want.





Peanuts in Shell

Peanuts in Shell

Peanuts, Get Your Peanuts

Peanuts are the best single source of protein and fat for your birds and a great addition to the choices you offer in your yard. Peanuts in the shell are typically used for feeding squirrels and some of the larger billed birds such as jays. Titmice also enjoy peanuts in the shell.

Use our peanuts in the shell in your peanut feeders to provide the energy that birds need.







Wild Birds Unlimited Safflower

The Safflower Solution

Sunflower-eating birds love Safflower; squirrels and blackbirds typically don’t.

If you are looking to be more exclusive with your bird feeding, Safflower may be the solution for you. Many of your favorite birds will enjoy safflower, yet blackbirds, grackles and squirrels typically don't.

Safflower can be offered in hopper, platform or tube feeders, and it is especially helpful for window or deck feeders where blackbirds or squirrels may be a problem. Offer safflower gradually, mixing it with the seed blends you currently provide, and over time, you'll end up with a dining spot for all kinds of birds, including house finches, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and chickadees.



White Millet

white millet 

Nyjer Seed


Finicky Finches Need Nyjer

Nyjer® (thistle) attracts finches of all kinds. Its high oil content is an excellent energy source for active birds and is best used in our specially designed finch feeders.

It is important to keep the food fresh for our picky little eaters. Nyjer has a thin shell and is vulnerable to spoilage while in the tube. Once seed starts to dry out and become stale, finches will turn up their beak for fresher forage. Replace Nyjer seed in feeders every three to four weeks if it is not being actively eaten.

Store your Nyjer in an airtight container for longer shelf life, and buy in quantities that will be used up in a few weeks.



Finch Blend

Finches' favorite! Our Finch Blend includes Nyjer® and fine sunflower chips. It’s a favorite of goldfinches, house finches, purple finches, and pine siskins.